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What is INIGIMA ?

INIGIMA is an AI-Powered Health Analytics Platform it helps to monitor your health and closely look at the health parameters like Blood Sugar, HbA1C, BP, LP, data and with the deep research we identify the future outcomes and how we can avoid the complicated disease that can happen in the future.


The top global cause of death are Stroke, Heart Attack, Diabetes, According to WHO Heart disease remains the number 1 killer; diabetes and dementia enter the top 10. Every 12th Indian a diabetic -- India ranks second in the list of countries with the highest diabetes patients. Over 61 percent of all deaths in India are attributed to lifestyle More than 2.7 million people in India die of heart diseases every year – 52 percent of them below the age of 70.

"Implementing INIGIMA in Corporate for Employees  and Academics for students can help to achieve good health and high productivity and reduce the chances of life threatening complex disease in coming future."

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We use the latest technology and care for your health. using Big Data Tools, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning that helps in  Interpretation, and comprehension of complicated medical and healthcare data

Big Data

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

How it Works



Record and Analysis of complicated medical data

of everyone


Access basic health parameter to  monitor the status


Get the probable identification of future disease

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