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Coronavirus Fourth Wave: India on Alert as Omicron BA.2 Cases Surge Globally Are you ready?

If you are thinking the days of Covid is Over it’s a mistake its not going to be happening at least now right now. India is likely to face the next wave in June-July and will continue for the next 4 months while peaking in August- September.

As parts of Europe and Asia, including China and South Korea, witnessed a steep rise in COVID cases, owing to Omicron BA.2 variant, experts are trying to analyze whether the variant can cause a fourth wave of coronavirus in India. Meanwhile, Maharashtra, which has remained the worst-affected state during the previous waves, has already been put on alert with the state government urging people to follow COVID protocol.

US Likely to Witness Surge in COVID Cases in Coming Weeks Due to BA.2 Variant, According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), BA.2 has been tripling in prevalence every two weeks.

As IEEARC Tech Delhi based Health Tech Company already worked since the Covid-19 first wave comes in India and Developed the INIGIMA Health Analytics to understand the risk associated with current health status. The Predictive Analysis is accomplished by the Digital Health Profile and a set of vital data in this pandemic managing health is most important.

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