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Organization code for Join

When users Register in INIGIMA  they have to enter the organization code to join and keep the medical profile and during medical consultation, they can share with any hospital clinic doctor or any other organization

By default, ORG ID is :  INIGIMA

Users can join any organization code according to Location, Company, Hospital anywhere to access and share the database


City             Organization ID

Delhi       :  Delhi

Noida     :  Noida

Chennai  :  Chennai

Bhopal    :   Bhopal

City             Organization ID

Sultanpur       :  sultanpur

Indore     :    Indore

Shahdol   : Shahdol

Anuppur  : Anuppur

Nagpur   : Nagpur

Mumbai  : Mumbai

Hospital Organization Code

Delhi NCR

Hospital Name              Organization ID

Medanta               :    medantag

Metro Hospital     :    metron

Kailash Hospital   :    kailashn



Hospital Name              Organization ID

Apollo chennai             : apolloche

Prestige Medical Center    :    pmcche

SR Hospital     :    srhche

Chennai Health foundation   :    chfche

Hospital Name              Organization ID

Hatemi Hospital       :               hatemisdl

Shri Shyam Care Hospital     : shyamcaresdl


Hospital Name              Organization ID

Sanjeevani Hospital Anuppur   :  sanjeevaniapr      

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