Frequently Asked Questions

Why INIGIMA health monitoring is important?

Through continuous health Parameters analysis can suggest you the current situation of your health and through our technology like Big data analysis and Machine learning can predict the future of health.

What is benefits for this software in Academic like school and Colleges?

Many research studies show that if students are unhealthy that will impact the career growth. Most of the students below 18 years get Diagnosed with Diabetes,  Obesity,  Respiratory problems.
If we can identify early-stage problems and monitor we can secure the health for children.

How it's a benefit for an organization?

Your employees are the most valuable asset for your company. There are 100 or 1000 employees working in one organization/Company. Nowadays one-fourth of the population having Lifestyle disease. For the one person its difficult to monitor and analyze the health.

How an organization can reduce the indirect expenses cover for employees?

If you monitoring the health and make them aware of there health status they will take precautions and early medications that will make your employees healthy and fit. They will put 100% for work. Medical leave and Health Claim can be reduced that helps al lot to save the money.

Why isn't it available in Google /iOS Play store?

Google Play /iOS store is only a platform to download the app and that facility we have in our company. User can easily download the software and install in mobile /tab by following some steps.
We care for the privacy of the data given by customers so we don't want to link with any external sources and share the data with any foreign company.