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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible we can improve our health with INIGIMA?

Yes! A person who doesn’t aware of the health and risk status are more likely to get critical complication like hyper diabetes, sudden heart attack, stroke. But if a person is aware and has detailed information that will help to make a healthy decision like following the medication, tracking the medication performance routine check-up will help to maintain the health and life-threatening condition can be avoided


Which Age Group can use the INIGIMA?

Any age group can signup with INIGIMA according to the desired Organization ID, it will help children as well to track how many times they get fever and physiological changes to understand their health pattern. 


Is it safe to share the data in INIGIMA?

We have integrated the Wildcard SSL certificate, High Secure Microsoft Technology to support Data Privacy. The user is the only one who can able to share and access the data.


What I will get with input the health information, we don’t have the time to do this?

Yes! We do understand it's a little complicated at first to input the value but this information is only for improving your health and understanding the risk so you can be managing your health and treatment more effectively in the future doctor can also give a more precise treatment. It will take just 2 min in a day.

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