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Do you want to be Healthy, Happy and Achieve Longer life?

Then Just give us a 1 minute

Point No 1

Well in that case, first of all, we need to understand Lifestyle Disease like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Heart Issues, and Cancer causes premature mortality and morbidity due to secondary diseases triggered over time.


Point No 2

The condition of Heart Attack, Kidney failure,  Cancer, Neurological issues, Stroke and many more. It developed gradually over a period of time but during this timeframe, it gives some physiological changes in our body. When we can understand the pattern, we can predict and prevent critical complications in future.


Is there any way where we can maintain the record of health with deep analysis?

Legend says any battle can be won if you have the information


Yes! INIGIMA Cloud Heath Analytics Platform: Digital Health Profile A 360-degree monitoring approach focus on the trend, pattern and variation of health which helps to identify the risk state and critical complications that can happen in future.

Before that, an individual can start medication with a doctor's consultation to avoid such problems.

We help to maintain the complete health record monitoring and Daily health status is a Physiological Changes It helps to understand YoY How much Immunity is lost.


Can you give me an example of a Digital Health Profile?

A Sample Digital Health Profile Download Now



How you can improve your health with INIGIMA Analytics

Early Diagnosis of Cancer

Complication after Covid-19

Importance of INIGIMA Digital Health Profile

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