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Corporate Wellness

Employees Preventive and Predictive Analysis Program


Health Monitoring

lets make your employees more productive

In recent decades obesity, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases have created a health crisis in India. These conditions can be devastating for individuals and families, but they also significantly hurt employers. While poor employee health increases the need for expensive healthcare and raises insurance premiums, lost employee productivity costs multiple times the direct medical cost.

Specially this Covid-19 times when your employees need to remain healthy and no one know the after effect, what kind of future complication even after Covid-19 gone.

Analytical Dashboard

Offering Health Analytics Platform for Preventive and Predictive Analysis using . It’s a Dedicated platform where our Experts and  Management can understand how many individuals/employees are healthy or unhealthy and understand the work efficiency.

Dashbord 2.png
Dashbord 2.png

Understand the strength

We can understand how many employees are likely to get any kind of critical complication in the future and before that we can provide them with a solution and preventive guidelines so they can recover and remain focused on company work and achieving target.

Lifestyle disease monitoring.png

Lifestyle Disease Monitoring

Lifestyle is a disease that impacts an individual and due to this most of the people get critical diseases in future. The moment the individual Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure data is critical we ensure he/ she get connect with Doctor and begin the medication.

Lifestyle disease monitoring.png
Employees Health.jpg

Improve Productivity

Healthy employees are more productive and creative We help to Increase your employees' productivity by making them healthy and make them understand the value of health.  

Preventive Guidelines

We focus on the trend of health and identify critical diseases that can happen in future.


Critical Alert

Individual data is analyzed by multi factorial analysis protocol that we have designed

Fresh Produce

Dietician Consultation

According to the health profile we design the best and healthy diet plan and make them connect with our expert dietician.

Covid 19

YoY Immunity Loss

Every year how much immunity gained of loss we study and make them aware tp individual and design solutions to improve the immunity.

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