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Academic Wellness

Student Preventive and Predictive Analysis Program

INIGIMA Student Wellness

Health Monitoring

make next generation healthy and productive

Early screening can result in children receiving extra help sooner and prevent them from critical diseases.

In recent decades obesity, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases have created a health crisis for students. While poor Students' health leads to loss of productivity and loss of many career opportunities.

GoI Guidelines

GoI Initiative Academic ( School / College ) Health Programme under Ayushman Bharat the Joint initiative of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and Ministry of Human Resource & Development, Government of India to empower the healthy ecosystem in India.


Analytical Dashboard

Now you can organize the Digital Health Camp                at Zero Cost.

  • Dedicated Cloud Health Analytics Platform.

  • Track Post Covid-19 Infection.

  • Understand and manage all the student’s health more effectively.

  • Annual health analytics of every student.

Dashbord 2.png
Dashbord 2.png

Understand the strength

We can understand how many students are likely to get any kind of critical complication in the future and before that we can provide them with a solution and preventive guidelines so they can recover and remain focused on company work and achieving target.

Lifestyle disease monitoring.png

Lifestyle Disease Monitoring

After the Covid-19 the situation become even more complex and according to the CDC and Mayo Clinic, the progression of lifestyle disease and other complications can be seen to an even greater extent because of this pandemic including in children as well

Lifestyle disease monitoring.png
Employees Health.jpg

Improve Productivity

Healthy employees are more productive and creative We help to Increase your Student' productivity by making them healthy and making them understand the value of health.  

Early Diagnosis

We focus on the trend of health and identify critical diseases that can happen in future.


Critical Alert

Individual data is analyzed by multi factorial analysis protocol that we have designed

Covid 19

YoY Immunity Loss

Every year how much immunity gained of loss we study and make them aware tp individual and design solutions to improve the immunity.

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