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Young Businesswoman

75% Reduce the chances of 

Heart Attack,

Kidney-Liver Damage,

Neurological Issues,

Just in 90 Days

Get A Free Counselling

It’s time to begin #Covid Post Monitoring

Suffering from Lifestyle Disease?

Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Obesity, Heart Issues, PCOS, PCOD

Lack of Monitoring Lead to Lifethreatning Conditions like  Kidney failure,  Heart attack,  Neurological issues, Stroke etc


Get your Complete Health Analysis

Get Health Management 

Heart-Attack-Symptoms .jpg

Heart Disease Management


Kidney Disease Management


Hypertension Blood Pressure Managment

weight loss.jpg

Obesity  Weight Management

immunity _edited.png

Immunity Monitoring and Management

Mother and a Child

Women and Child Health Monitoring

Ashish Canara Bank 1.jpg

Ashish, Manager
Canara Bank

I am using it for my father he is a Diabetic and Blood Pressure patient,and its really monitor and able to understand the health 

Shreeyam Sharma.jpg

Shreeyam Sharma

My Massi has High Blood Sugar but we are unable to identify the reason then using the analytics we find the actual cause. I believe this is a very unique platform.

Vikash .jpg

Vikash Narendra Jha

INIGIMA Helps me to maintain my health performance, daily health status keeps me aware about my health and makes me healthy and fit.



For job I am live out of my hometown but it really helps to monitor my health and manage my lifestyle and now i am healthy compare to last time 

Satisfaction Guarantee

To remain healthy and achieve longer life

Monitoring is the first step, take the first step towards healthy life

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